We found ourselves awake reasonably early despite how comfy the beds were. The first, full day in Arizona was calling so we showered, got ready and jumped in the Mustang. I didn’t realise how many of us were actually out there, our friends and friends of friends.

It had to be at least thirty degrees, lovely weather for the day we had planned. Breakfast was nice, we went to a small cafe like place just a mile from the hotel that served a huge sized meal of bacon, sausage and all the eggs you could eat.

On route back to the hotel I noticed how different all the buildings, roads and people looked. I suppose you don’t really notice these things when you have been on a near ten hour flight, forgive me if I sound crazy but the buildings looked so much more colourful and the roads, well, they looked exactly how they are pictured in the movies.

Nothing like a summers day by the pool. We purchased a round of drinks at the pool bar and claimed our sun beds for the day, being that there was around forty of us that had gathered from all over Phoenix, all the sun beds were taken.

The pool was a decent size but the coolest part was the jacuzzi, it turns out that if you set it to the hottest temperature you leave it looking like a lobster and you couldn’t withstand more than five minutes in there because the heat outside the jacuzzi was already hot enough, we were now up to 40 degrees.




I suppose you could call this a lazy day. Fun and games round the pool, a few beers and a good old laugh.

Evening approaching, we left the pool area, got ready and went to Hooters just across the road. Lets just say Hooters is a lot different to your average restaurant, very lively. I had four mini sliders, curly fries and buffalo wings, extremely tasty I must say.


There wasn’t much more to the day after that other than us in the hotel bar until the early hours of the morning being very persistent on the bar man keeping the bar open, he wasn’t having any of it and it did eventually close at one.

P.S. If you haven’t been to Hooters, you should go! 

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