The sun was seeping through the dark curtains of our hotel room telling us to get up out of the o’so comfy beds. We didn’t have much planned yet but after getting ready and having some breakfast at McDonalds, a few of the guys asked if we wanted to join them on a hike up the huge, tough looking camel back mountain. We agreed to join them.

By now Sammi and Georgio had swapped their Hyundai for a Mustang and a good friend of ours had a Mustang GT which was pretty cool (it put our poor cars to shame off the lights). There were also big SUV’s, two BMW M3’s and a Mercedes G-Wagon and even a Ford Focus that accompanied us. The US love their Fords. So you can imagine how big the crowd was.

The mountain was an hour drive so not too far, parking was very hard to find as there were people patrolling the area for cars parked in places they shouldn’t be but we did eventually find somewhere although there was a fair bit of walking to be done before we could head upwards.

The higher we climbed, the better the views became but at the same time with the sweltering heat we were running out of water and becoming more and more dehydrated by the minute. When there is a view like this who cares though, its all part of the thrill.


Everyone was obsessed with Periscope (the live stream video app from twitter) around this time and I remember nearly each and every one of us broadcasting from the top of the mountain.

It got very dark very quickly which was a shame because I didn’t want to leave nor did anyone else but we had to make our way down as it was becoming incredibly hard to see, even with a phone light. Amazingly no one fell over or hurt anything thank god.

Next up was a trip to a villa in North East Scottsdale for a small party. Its hard not to get lost when you’re taking directions in Scottsdale from someone who lives in the UK too, intact we did get lost only to find we were two roads away.

It was a huge place, must have cost them a fortune, there was a massive pool, jacuzzi, six bedrooms, pool table and a 55 inch tv in the front room. It wasn’t long before everyone was in the pool, the music was blaring and drinks flowing. I felt like we were in an american movie, we even had the small red cups that they use in the films.

Party over and it was about three in the morning so we got back to the hotel, ordered room service from the 24 hour menu and then went to bed on a full stomach which is always a bad idea. I had to go for the all American burger and it was probably one of the best tasting burgers I have had in my life.


P.S. Part 4 Includes a trip to the home of the Phoenix sun’s.




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