I know it’s been a while since we have posted, so I want to give you a quick update on why and what’s been happening with us both:

1. Sam is no longer going to be blog writing with me, therefore I have decided to take over the blog myself (gradually). The reason being he has been working so hard on creating vlogs instead, he started around 9 months ago and has been editing and creating some amazing footage, I would definitely recommend you go and check his videos out, just follow this link to his youtube channel; Sam Meaney.

2. Since being back at university I have been flooded with assignments and my school experience placements (as I am doing a primary education course). Therefore I haven’t found myself time to sit down and write, but also have found myself rather demotivated due to stress and the university work load. However, I have decided that this needs to change, after all they do say, new year, new me ay?

3. SO, it’s now time to get myself motivated again and back into doing what makes me feel happy and like I have achieved something, and that is where this blog comes in handy. I feel like here I can write honestly and about anything that I feel passionate about. I have decided to try and incorporate some photography into this blog as well as travel, food, university life etc! As photography is something that deep down I have always been passionate with, but have let it get pushed aside! So I’m going to finish this blog post with one of my favourite photographs that I took and edited from our holiday to Tenerife , enjoy!



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