Just a short post today everyone…  been flooded with assignments and presentations at uni at the moment, so again I apologise, I just find it so difficult to find myself with any free time to sit down and write, but anyway…


Has it really been a whole year already since this blog started? I find it mesmerising how fast time flies, like we’re in February already? It only feels like christmas a week or so ago!

Anyway, a lot has happened in a year, as I mentioned in the last post, Sam has moved on to vlogging, entering the big wide world of video, I’m in my second year of University (almost there!), I’ve been driving for a year, visited so many new places (including London Zoo, which I would highly recommend, such a wonderful day out!) and many other things have taken place.

Looking back at some of our old posts, I realised how much fun we both had writing them, this is why I definitely need to keep this blog going, not only for you, but for myself, to give me something to look forward too and be proud of!

I’d love to hear what you guys were doing this time last year, wether you were on holiday, starting something new, finishing something old? Let me know in the comments!

I will leave you with another photograph of mine that I am particularly pleased with, will post again soon!



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